Monday, 24 November 2008

It seems I have been absent for a while.

I have been away for a while due to circumstances beyond my control. I can see you all went mad with grief and it touches me. I offer no apologies however as it was not my fault, so there.

Tuesday, 8 January 2008

UFO: Gary McKinnon

Has any one heard about this? I have been away for a couple of weeks and I have been a little out of touch but I heard about Gary McKinnon before I left and it unsparked my disinterest....if you know what I mean. Do not get me wrong, I like knowing what is going on in the world but I just do not like watching the news with it's more and more blatant hyperbole, unashamed fear mongering and housewife worrying ("this appalling atrocity is, unfortunately, not a rare case and could happen near YOU and YOUR CHILDREN)". That said I caught a programme on Radio 4 (you visit Earth you listen to Radio 4 at least once okay?) about this man and I thought - Wow! How do we make this household chatter? Then I realised that being as it was that I pay very little attention to popular chatter it may well already have achieved such a status. So, has it?
Have I even told you what the story is yet?
Well this man is a computer hacker and broke into the Pentagon (he said it was easy, some passwords were still on default and there were hundreds of other hackers in there with him). He was looking for something specific however, as he had become interested in UFO's after seeing a conference in which numerous respectable people talked of sightings, government cover-ups, and alien technology (sounds a bit bog standard at the moment I know). Still, bear with me. A lady (an ex-employee of the pentagon I think) had said that the Pentagon's computers contained files marked 'filtered' and 'unfiltered' that in turn contained satellite images of UFOs. Or at least the unfiltered folder did. And we are not just talking about bog standard, yawn UFO's we are talking UFO's built by the U.S government using technology that has been reverse engineered from real UFO's,flown into space, test-driven like noisy Corvettes, caught on camera and covered up by their pals in the funny shaped sheriff's office. Long story short FREE ENERGY i.e. anti gravity (some would huff impatiently and say "finally" but I think you guys are doing alright with your technological is the emotional and spiritual development that you are crap at). Also Gary was caught downloading these images, stopped and is now being threatened with deportation to the U.S and 60 years (possibly in Guantanamo) under a stupid law that means the U.S needs no evidence to take him. Bit of an over reaction I say if there really were hundreds of other hackers hacking around...or even if there were not seeing as he did no to me Earthlings. See