Thursday, 13 December 2007

Environment: A little less guilt with Google

Trying to define the kind of person that I am is difficult (aside from the fact that I am not of this world and that when I jump into a pool I do not get wet the pool gets Nonnied). However, I am the kind of person that feels uncomfortable if a tap is left running unnecessarily, when lights are left on and if I go to a supermarket instead of a market (I almost never go to markets - Mr. Guilt and I are on first name terms) so I suppose you could say I am of the environmentally and ethically conscious variety. Where was this going? Oh yes, I just heard something very cool, what am I saying, making it sound like this piece of information just fell into my lap - no, I painstakingly search for these gems in non-corrupt sources (honest), anyway on Nov 27th (a while ago I know):

" Google publicly announced the terms of a new initiative called RE<C (Renewable Energy Cheaper than Coal). Google will invest hundreds of millions of
dollars on research and development by hiring engineers and energy
experts to lead R&D work. This research will begin with solar
thermal technology, geothermal systems, and wind power technologies.
They also plan to spend more hundreds of millions in breakthrough
renewable energy projects, which will generate positive returns." Check out for the rest of the story.

Anyhoo (I can see this word becoming an annoying habit), this at least has meant that I can keep the wolf that is guilt from my door for a nano second longer, even when I press on the sponsored links in Google as I can feel that rather than feeding the corporate machine that we all know and love I am even - dare I say it - contributing to something great, yes I said great!

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