Wednesday, 12 December 2007

Mental: Body Swap

Imagine that you woke up one day in a body that was not yours, that you woke up and somehow had swapped bodies with someone else. I saw a film where this happened and I have to say that they didn't really cover all the issues that would/could arise, it was a little too light hearted for that. Anyhoo (why did I write anyhoo?), madness-of-the-body-swap?-really?-how? issue aside what would be your first concern with the regards to the fact that someone else was in your body? Mine would be "shit, they are going to find out that I get nasty hairs growing on my..." (an example for clarity's sake obviously). I think that probably says a bit about me and that I should stop buying new shoes and get that bloody hair lasered off and be done with it. I am not really one for obsessing about my looks but I am slowly coming to accept that sometimes little things make a huge difference. For instance when I had a hangover in the past I often would just brave the storm and refuse paracetamol, and when I had the flu I would dismiss Beechams magic remedies thinking that I really did not need to ingest more chemicals and that I would be fine. But one day I took a decongestant, anti-flu thingy (not necessarily Beechams I am not down with endorsement just yet) and felt so much better I felt a bit stupid for not helping myself before. What I now need to do is find the line between what I should and should not embrace in modern society...then find a natural alternative and live in a commune like a hippy. I will let you know.

Decided not to use contractions in that paragraph, it has a slightly more professional air does it not?